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Buddhist Youth Summer Retreat

Buddhist Youth Summer Retreat

The retreat will prepare the children during their growing years into adulthood to think more wisely, to act more polite and compassionate towards their parents, siblings, as well as other people in society. With the advent of technologies, our children seem to loose connection with others outside of their immediate family. The retreat will help orient and guide children to have better morality and beliefs, and teach them the art of living based on the Buddha's teaching. The preparation and experience that children will learn during this short week of retreat will surely carry them far in their future. According to Thai traditions, all young men have to spend upward to three years living a monastic life before marriage, to acquire better understanding of becoming more moral, filial, solid, complete in leading a happy life.

06/22- 26/2016

* Retreat Guidelines:

Learn the arts of gracious living even in walking, standing, sitting and sleeping. Learn to contemplate while eating, listening, interacting with others.

Activities include learning different forms of meditation, respectfully bowing to Buddha, studying the dharma, and many outdoor exercise and activities.

Deadline to register:

Last day to register is 6/12/2016.

Enroll as soon as possible for the organizers to arrange any accommodation needed for the Retreat.

If you plan to arrive by air, please book flight to Austin airport (code AUS) and contact the organizers with flight info for transportation arrangement.


*The Organizing committee is looking forward to welcoming the children and parents to attend this retreat.

* To contact the organizers:

Thầy Trung Nghiêm: (512) 955-4800

Nguyên Mai: (512) 632-8187

Liễu Chơn: (512) 203-4887


Retreat Leader Included:

Thầy Thích Tịnh Mãn, Thầy Thích Trung Nghiêm, Thầy Thích Trung Chiếu, Sư Cô Thích Nữ Thanh Diệu Giác, Sư Cô Thích Nữ Hạnh Tuệ.

*These monastic teachers have plenty of experience in Buddhist practice, are fluent in English, and most importantly they understand the youth psychology. There are also lay helpers who are big brothers and sisters of the Buddhist Youth Association.



Những Hình Ảnh Sinh Hoạt


Đạo Tràng Liên Hữu Tịnh Độ
1455 County Road 137
Hutto, Texas 78634
( 512) 846-2348 & ( 512) 955-4800




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